Promote your sites & social networks with us!
Our exchange system helps you to increase your website popularity, your social presence and more. The exchange system is very simple. Every time you like, follow or view another member's social media pages you will receive coins which then you can use to get more followers, likes, views or visitors to your website or social media pages.
No. We don't sell Youtube or other Social Media views, Likes or Subscribers. This is a community to help each other.
If your video doesn't have any "Like" yet, the system doesn't recognize and refuse to add that video. Go to your video page, give a like by yourself and come back and add the video.
You have to go to your email and click the confirmation link. Some people use a fake email during the registration and they can't confirm their account. DON'T use a fake email at registration.
It's very easy.
1. Go to the add page, http://freesocialgrow.com/?page=addpage
2. In the blank frame, choose what type of page do you want to add! (Facebook likes, Youtube Views etc)
3. Enter the URL and the title (for your reference)
4. Select how many coins you pay for each exchange or click from others members. (Free members up to 20 coins and VIP up to 30. The highest show first)
5. If the "Daily Clicks Limit" is "Disabled", your page keep receiving visits if you have enough coins in your account. Or you can change to "Enabled" and assign a specific amount of daily clicks to that page.
6. The "Total Clicks Limit" is for setting up the total of click for your campaign. You can Disable or Enabled.
7. You can select from who and where you want to Receive the Clicks From.

You are ready.
**** NOTE: The system needs to view at least 1 "like" first, so before adding that page, Facebook Like, Instagram Like, Youtube Like being sure the page has at least 1 like.
The system put your video in front of our community. The member clicks the play button, and the video starts play until the member clicks the red sentence to claim the Coins. But if 300 members see your video one day, your video will be playing 90 minutes. in a week (7 days), your video will be playing 630 minutes or 10.5 hours, just in one week. Only, be sure to have enough Coins to keep receiving views to your video.
We do not tolerate pages with:
1. Porn - (Pornografia)
2. Hate - (Odio hacia otras razas)
3. Witchcraft - (Brujeria)

We deleted the page and give you a warning. The second time we block your account. Thanks for following the rules in Freesocialgrow.com